Cléo Jouve-Corneloup

Water and sustainable food

Mixing a little magic with full awareness is what drives me. I design objects and installations that all have a common theme: water. What inspires my work is the way water can shape a society and challenge political and environmental models. Conception and thought help me to bring my designs to life, but I give shape to my projects in a very concrete way. I know the materials that I use, and my ideas evolve and take shape under their influence in a variety of craft workshops. I use water to build, shape and model matter into water-related objects. I try to understand how this element influences people’s habits. I want to spread my ‘aquatic ideas’ as much as possible, and to make people aware of one of the global priorities of the era we live in: water is a natural and vital element.

Today, I focus my research to water for an sustainable food, so resilience is at the heart of my concerns. Indeed, with the designer Axel Bidault, we develop our company within which we develop ecological solutions to involve individuals in a sustainable food.
If you want to know more about this project, I invite you to consult SOL’.

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Being a designer ?

"Design is one of the means to re-enchant the world. Since we have lost meaning, we can rediscover meaning. This is where design justifies its place."

I design with the intention of generating feelings. An object certainly seduces by its sense of form and functionality, but also by what it generates in the form of emotions.

Design is a sharing of perceptions.

I am designer because I want to accompany feelings, attempting to fluctuate them and assimilate them into our daily lives. I want to bring everyone, each "user", contentment, fun and curiosity. And rather than consenting to what exists by forgetting it or making it invisible, I aim to resist gloom, banality and offer an experience. I seek to upset the agreed forms, discarding some, re-making others, developing through change and metamorphosis.

Being a designer is also an opportunity for me to collaborate, learn and meet at every moment.