Sans Oublier L'avenir

Development of ecological solutions to involve people in sustainable food.

We are Cléo and Axel, two designers who want to use their skills in the field of ecology, in an ideology of transition to a way of life in cohesion with the environment.
We believe that everyone can act for the climate and nothing is more unifying than universal needs, such as feeding. Food represents a major part of the pollution emitted by households, so we imagine founding a project design structure in the sustainable food sector, on the border between design studio and design office, since we want to collaborate with all the technical skills necessary for the efficiency of projects. On our part, we use design methodologies to think, design and initiate products or services that will lead to more citizen involvement in the reduction of global warming.
Today, this structure is called SOL ', an french acronym for always remembering our values and our rigor: « Sans Oublier L’environnement, L’humain, L’avenir, L’optimisme... » (« Without Forget The Environment, The Human, The Future, The Optimism … »).

More than having the most positive impact on the planet, our goal is to make ecology obvious and competitive. This is where the designer's place can be the pivot of this change.