April 2016


Installations - Space design

Plaster / Copper tubes / Plastic sheets (PE)

Why we walk ?
How we walk ?
What we see ?
Landscape is beautiful.
But why ?
We walk.
Transporting our bodies from A to B
From Weil am Rhein
to Riehen.
What is landscape ?
A perception.
Another glance.
Connect to nature.
Follow the scent.
Become Flâneur.
Learn from water.
In movement.
Guided by errors.
An experience.

Whilst participating in the tri-national competition, IBA Basel 2020, I met Pia SCHWARZ (scenography student at the FHNW in Basel) and Aline DA ROCHA (textile student at the HEAR in Mulhouse). We collaborated during six months on the establishment of a linear path through the river Wiese. This line breaks the German-Swiss border, which is materialized by the river and is punctuated by structures on which objects are available. Directly inspired by the water in the park, the objects affect our senses. In the form of workshops and events, we will offer visitors a (re)discovery of the site using these devices, thus inciting them to drift and be guided by their emotions.