May 2016


Furniture (work in progress)

Leather / Wax cotton yard

From the slaughterhouse to the production of tanned leather, a lot of waste is produced. In the end, only 20% of the weight of the skin will become leather. In addition, the "river work" or the different processes before tanning are very water-intensive. This wastage and this excessive water's consumption turned me to the recovery of leather samples. They were being thrown away and I wanted to give value to them. How to use these small pieces? After many tests, I cut the sample into thin strips and assembled it together. I had long wanted to interpret the meandering nature of water. With this in mind, I gradually arrived at the leather puddle leather. For this project, my goal is to create a series of unique objects. Sewn by hand, it will be the allegory of three wishes: to draw attention to the material, to advocate recycling, to touch the sinuous nature of water.