December 2015


Table's art - modular sizes

Mirror and brushed alluminium

Under the theme of " Christmas Candlelight ", Laura MERCURI (HEAR student) and I collaborated in a competition launched by the Alsatian museum of Strasbourg. Winter ice inspired us to imagine a table item called a «surtout» that could be handled. A «surtout de table» is an item of crockery was very common in the seventeenth century. usually made of metal in the shape of a tray on which we place various decorations, flowers or lights, it occupies an important place on the table. our object had no light source because it reflected light from its aluminum surface. like a landscape in three parts, it is set on the table at meal times.

We realized this object thanks to the high school of Molsheim and it was exhibited at the Alsatian museum of Strasbourg during fews months.
Better to use with candles.