Spring 2016


Tiles - 100x100x8mm (work in progress)

White sandstone / Enamels

" Watching it, we believe we are able to touch it. To touch it, really? How to touch it? We’re just touching the inside eventually. We think we can materially touch it. To feel it. But it only flees. It escapes from our grip, through our fingers, evades the pores of our skin. We never reach the surface, we sink instantly.
We can not stroke the water. "

I watched the water’s surface. And I try to feel its swing, touching its back and forth, just stroking the top of its lapping. I bumped into something impossible. I mean, the water’s movement is so subtle, is it really possible to touch? No. This is how was born this desire to capture its surface. Finally, I realized that the only way to touch the surface, this is when the water leaves its mark. Its trace in the sand has always impressed me. The water leaves its mark in the sand on Mars, on the stone… Can I transcribe its surface? How to provide this opportunity to put fingers on a movement?

Prototypes realized during a traineeship with Anne BULLIOT (ceramist) at IEAC (European Institut of Ceramic Arts) at Guebwiller (France). Work in progress.