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"Design is one of the means to re-enchant the world. Since we have lost meaning, we can rediscover meaning. This is where design justifies its place."

I design with the intention of generating feelings. An object certainly seduces by its sense of form and functionality, but also by what it generates in the form of emotions.Design is a sharing of perceptions.

I study objects because I want to accompany aesthetics, utility and feelings, attempting to fluctuate them and assimilate them into our daily lives. I want to bring everyone, each "user", comfort, contentment, practicality, fun and curiosity. And rather than consenting to what exists by forgetting it or making it invisible, I aim to resist gloom, banality and offer an experience. I seek to upset the agreed forms, discarding some, re-making others, developing through change and metamorphosis.

Water, it is from an aquatic alliance resides my work ; by experimenting its material, its properties... I manage to do.


April 2017

It was at the end of my internship in Holland at Tiny Miracles foundation and Pepe Heykoop studio that I was offered to go to India. I went there. A month.
One month on the water's track. Microscopic overview.


Spring 2016

Touching the movement of water, is the intention of my work. Freeze, capture, collect the swirls of water surface in order to place our finger on it.


June 2016

After all, try to understand you/me
Short film about my relationship with water.


May 2016

The meanders of leather.

Nature facture

May 2016

Is a way of life borrowed from nature more authentic?
To give a natural character to our art of living, is this to inscribe it in an animated way?


Avril 2016

Sensitive stroll installation inspired by the Wiese.


March 2016

Three drops of water for a better use of it.


February 2016

Mark of spread liquid.


January 2016


December 2015

Like a piece of very cold water to illuminate the table.


December 2015

Feeling of watching the river from the top of a bridge.


November 2015

Utensil studies, beginnings of a thought process that asks what in influence water has on our society, our environment, our world of objects.


October 2015

A publication from a written text and a drop of water. The text comes from the liquid ; it establishes a direct relationship between the words and the drops : their meaning, shape and arrangement.


April 2015

A pitcher of water please.


February 2015

"Water not as content but as container."


January 2015

Result of movement.


March 2014

For watering at your fingertips.